Thursday, December 12, 2013

We Make Great Girls

May as well keep up the good work. 19 week ultrasound looks good, and confirms one more future Blockhead adorable baby girl on the way.

On the plus side--I can keep the rug, bedding and curtains! Plus, unless this kid is a tiny waif or big fat chunker, most of the clothes taking up my entire closet space (Space Bags be damned!) should be usable.

On the minus side, B insists we're having a baby brother, and tells everyone this factoid. She wants a little brother. Specifically, she has requested Ari Andersen be our baby brother. So, there's that.

Can't wait to meet little lady #2. Sisters are the best of times, and the worst of times. I would know!

Beezie dances

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Beezie Rides!

November Happenings

November flew by this year. In fact, this whole pregnancy is flying by. When I was prego with B, it seemed to drag on and on. Not with this one. I finally started to feel better in November, so I made up for lost time and packed in adventures. It was great to be feeling good again.

I got my Fall finery up and running

We tore it up at Santana Row, and took advantage of the beautiful fall weather. And the cupcake shop.

Said our last goodbyes to Team Andersen, and bid them well in their move to Colorado. B has been telling me everyday since they've moved that "we can go visit Kai Kai in Colorado."

Threw a baby shower for Megan Bennett--I loved the "shower" theme we went with.

Spent some time with some of our newer friends, and older friends. Everyone needs a friend who believes in pie for breakfast.


Bucketheads unite!

We had many a breakdown. This one was because her syrup touched the plate. HOW COULD I??

Dodged the rainy bay area days

Once I started feeling better, I nixed TV, and invested in some serious arts and crafts. B immediately began behaving better, and loves choosing things from her basket to work on every day. Poor lady can't cut to save her life She gets so mad that she throws the scissors, and cries whenever she tries to use them.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at school with our fine turkey hats, and a fun little holiday feast.

I took B and J to go see Free Birds--what a horrible movie. When we drove past the theatre, B exclaimed "look at those turkeys! They're the worst." Here she is before the movie trying to decide if turkeys had nostrils, and whether or not they can smell.

We used our Happy Hollow pass. B was delighted to *finally* be able to go on the swings and roller coaster. I told her she grew because she napped a lot and ate vegetables. She's convinced.

This was us, pre-coaster.

Headed to the park to soak up the sun and play with friends

Headed over to Super Franks with Team Teuscher. This is precisely why I love the Pilot--pile in and head off!

B insists on attending the dance party with the mascot, Frank. This is her favorite part of the visit.

Clearly, SF did the trick

We goofed off in bed while Lancer traveled

We took advantage of Thanksgiving break, and our aquarium passes, and decided to get in some celebrating by the sea.


The girls got matching Monterey shirts, and proudly wore them home

Finally got crackin' on my Thanksgiving baking. Per my usual, I made a GF chocolate cream silk pie, creamed corn, yams, GF cornbread stuffing, and the bird.

Snuggled on the couch with B as the food cooked away. We watched the Peanuts Thanksgiving special, and the the parade.

Bird in!

Bird out!

This spread looks paltry, but I assure you we feasted like kings. We had the Ashbys, Nelsons, and Murdocks over this year. Very small and fun group.

The kids table. One of these is not like the others. Drama rama.


This montage courtesy of me hearing "Dixie" when she said "Sippy." Again--how could I??

 Early the next morning, I got up at 3:22 and hit the mall. Kidding. I did hit the Tums, though. I was up with the worst indigestion. I was tempted to go hop in line with Alyssa, but thought better of it.

I did, however, head out on Black Friday. I had a few key items I had to obtain, and fueled up properly for my trip.

I got some educational materials and arts and crafts. Mama ain't raising no dummy, and I'm not about to bring another toy in this house.

Lancer also looks forward to Black Friday. One year when I was out the ladies, he called me all perturbed, and questioned when I would be home. Turns out, dudes also have places to go, and things to buy on Black Friday.

Headed out to look for the perfect Christmas tree. We didn't end up buying any of the contenders this night, but enjoyed the tree lot with Lancer.

 These two worked on their gold medal dance routine. It's stellar.

We had unusually sunny weather in Pacifica one day, so we hopped in the car, and headed to the beach.

B continued to work on her balance. I gotta get this kid into gymnastics.

 Here are some cute pics of B, and one of her besties, Hadley. They were very excited for Thanksgiving, and all the turkey lurkey fun that comes with it.

Gobble Gobble, everyone. On to December. Hope you had a great month, with lots of be thankful for!